Property Management

We offer a wide range and all-inclusive list of property management services. We specialize in commercial properties and pride ourselves in our customer service and attention to detail.

We work hard to maximize the return on your investment property and take the hassle out of management.

Over the years, we have built a strong and trustworthy team of professionals, including attorneys, accountants, general contractors, and subcontractors. We put our professional team to work to always deliver sound advice to our clients, along with next step recommendations. Our goal is to manage your property with a level of detail that makes owning it a hassle-free experience.

Lease Management

With our decades of experience, we make sure to execute leases that maximize the return to the property owner. Tenant turnover is a costly burden nobody wants to deal with, so we work to build positive relationships with tenants with the goal of low tenant turnover. Keeping the tenant happy can be a challenge, but as a family-owned company, we offer a hands on and open-phone approach to management. Our service team makes frequent property visits to further ensure tenant satisfaction.

We manage the entire lease process, from marketing, to property showings, to tenant screening, to lease renewals.


We recognize that clients have different preferences for management, investment, and communications styles. As a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in being able to meet your needs whether via phone, email, or fax.

Tenants are offered the same level of personalized attention. We offer a 24-hour emergency maintenance line with a full time on-call maintenance staff who have proven they can handle even the worst winter conditions to ensure your property functions at 100% every day of the year.

With the utilization of technology, we have full time access to phone and email 24/7 to address any concerns a property owner or tenant might have.

Financial Management

We manage all financial aspects related to your property; rent collection, accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgeting, and legal.

Property Maintenance Management

We believe preventive maintenance saves a lot of money in the long term and we practice this process by making regular visits to every property we manage.

Since we have a full-time staff and existing relationships with contractors, we can ensure our customers receive great quality and pricing for all service calls.

New England winters can throw the occasional curveball, and we have the experience to handle every pitch. The key is preparation. We have plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and even snow removal employees on call 24/7 year-round, which is especially critical during New England storms when pipes can freeze and the snow piles up.

Our Roxbury property and current tenant, Walgreens.

One of Walcott Corporation’s properties and current tenants, Walgreens. (Located in Roxbury, MA.)

Our contact emails, including phone and email, are available on the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.